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how it works.

Protect your investment agains stains and damage of a life well-lived with our Premium Care Plan. Coverage and cost of this plan is outlined below. Cost is based on total purchase price.

how to purchase.

Click here if you would like to add a Premium Care Plan any time prior to delivery.

Protection Plan ImageProtection Plan Image

need to make a claim?

1 - Read Your Plan

You will receive a Furniture Care Protection, Inc. Summary of Coverages with your sales receipt at the point of purchase. Read carefully to understand what is covered.

2 - Report the Damage

Notify Furniture Care Protection, Inc. within five days of the stain or damage occurring. You can report in one of the following ways:

Call 888-705-4001


or Visit

3 - When calling for service, have your sales receipt.

Have your sales receipt showing purchase of the agreement and qualifying items under coverage. You will also be asked to provide the original delivery date of the items as well as the date of the occurrence of the stain or damage.

*This information is not your Protection Plan. See a complete set of terms and conditions, including coverages, limitations, and exclusions, available for review. Ask your sales consultant to review a sample of the plan before purchasing.**Surface scratches on leather are not covered.***Only one incident per furniture piece.****If these components were covered by an original manufacturer's warranty and such warranty has expired.*****Coverage is not available to apply to a partial ticket. Coverage amount must cover everything on the sales ticket.