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Design Services

Living Room Group

creating a custom design that works for you.

At Crowley Furniture & Mattress we know that the process of selecting the perfect furniture for your home can often be overwhelming. Whether you are needing a whole-home makeover or adding to existing items, our professional Design Team will guide you through each step for a pleasant buying experience from start to finish.

How our design services work:

  1. Introductory Phone Call
    Consult with a design expert on your thoughts and expectations of our services and schedule your $99 In-Home Consultation.
  2. $99 In-Home Consultation
    Meet with a design expert during an In-Home Consultation.
  3. In-Store Design Presentation
    Designer to present recommendations based on initial collaboration and consultation - making your buying decisions easy!

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Crowley Furniture & Mattress designer with fabric swatches.

our designers are here to help.

Crowley Furniture & Mattress Designer


Crowley Furniture & Mattress Designer Cara Phillips


Your Vision

Whether your vision is crystal clear or a little cloudy, our Design process is a journey to discover your true wishes and expectations. We believe home furnishings have a significant impact on health and happiness and we look forward to sharing this Design journey with you. No matter how big or small your home furnishings project, Crowley Furniture Design Services can turn your dream into a reality.

Purchase with Confidence

Our Designers are experienced listeners and know that making choices for your home should be all about you. They will recommend inspired ideas for your home based on your style, family, space and lifestyle. You can feel confident that your buying decisions will reflect your personality, fit all aspects of your space requirements and meet your budget parameters.

What To Expect


- Discuss thoughts and expectations
- Schedule your In-Home Consultation


- Measure your room(s)
- Determine family needs, lifestyle and use of space
- Verify traffic circulation and seating needs
- Discuss furniture style and color preferences in more detail


- Designer presents room layout options
- Designer presents suggested furniture pieces
- Designer presents recommended upholstery covers and details
- Designer presents proposed wood styles and finishes

How To Prepare

Consider Your Goals

Think about the space you wish to transform and ask yourself: How do you currently use this space? What is your IDEAL use for the space? How do you want this space to make you feel? What do you want the space to say about you? Does the seating amount, size and layout fit your family?

Browse for Product Ideas

Browse our website for items or styles that appeal to you and save them for later using the Idea Board Tool on our website. Keep in mind that by changing the cover on an upholstered piece to a different fabric or leather can significantly change its overall effect so be on the lookout for the scale, lines and details of a frame. On the flip side, see a fabric you love but don’t like its frame, save that too!

Gather Style Favorites

Bring pictures of other rooms that you've seen that you’d like to recreate for yourself. Go through and make notes about what you find appealing. If you're not exactly clear about what you like or why you like it, sharing the "feel" of a specific piece or space will be helpful. Our Designers are experienced interpreters and will be able to determine the elements that you find appealing.

Discuss Financial Parameters

Discuss with the relevant decision makers a comfortable financial range for this space. There are many options in the world of design, if we’re aware of your financial parameters we’ll stay within those limits. We will also be happy to give you a range of what to expect once we know your needs. Our talented Design Team can create a beautiful, comfortable home on just about any budget.